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  • 関連電子書籍の紹介
  • 【喘息でも自分を褒めて幸せになる教科書】Brainより発売
  • 【生き抜く力 (ガンと闘う10歳の僕に起きた奇跡)】Brain、noteより発売
Introducing related e-books.
[Textbook that compliments you and makes you happy even with asthma] It is on sale from Brain.
[The power to survive (a miracle that happened to me at the age of 10 fighting cancer)] Released from Brain and note.
  • 小児喘息(ぜんそく)患者さんに、おすすめの商品(まもなく紹介開始)
  • 小児喘息(ぜんそく)患者さんに、おすすめの症状緩和商品紹介(まもなく紹介開始)
This product is recommended by the principal, Hosshi, who has 30 years of asthma history.
This product is recommended for pediatric asthma patients (introduction will start soon).
We will introduce recommended symptom relief products to pediatric asthma patients (the introduction will start soon).
音声配信アプリ【stand Fm】
Voice delivery of positive thinking
Voice distribution application [stand Fm]
(You don't have to be depressed, just change your mind. Always live positively.)
Please listen to the audio distribution of the principal


小児ガンサバイバーの為のスクール コンサルティング



[Children's Cancer Survivor]
[Patients with pediatric cancer]
School consulting

🔷鋼のメンタル【ガンサバイバー】🔷大人のための🔷ビジネス スキル コンサルティング

Cancer Survivor Business Skills Consulting for Cancer Patients


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