I am an osteosarcoma survivor








The cancer that developed when I was 10 years old was osteosarcoma, a so-called rare cancer with very few cases.

Nowadays, advances in medical technology have increased the chances of survival, but 40 years ago, there were few cases that survived and no treatment method was established, so treatment methods and plans were clear to patients. It seems that it was difficult to convey.

Osteosarcoma is a symptom of cancer that develops in the internal tissues of the bone, and it seems that scientific treatment such as administration of anticancer drugs is now being tried, but at that time, extensive excision was performed mainly on the site affected by cancer cells. The main surgical method was surgery.

I developed cancer at the base of my right foot. Assuming that it affects the knee, it seems that the foot will be extensively resected below the knee or above the knee, but in my case, because it is the base of the foot, considering the extensive resection, the abdomen is also included. Therefore, I was told by my doctor and surgeon that the difficulty of surgery became considerably higher.

My appearance with osteosarcoma was that the bulge of the entire abdomen was abnormally large and was immediately visible. However, although I felt almost no pain, I sometimes felt pain when I touched it persistently.

Given the body shape of a 10-year-old child, it must have looked strange. Apparently, I was bloated, but the size was getting bigger every day. Far from the zipper not rising to the top of the trousers, the bottom is the best. Every day, the swelling abdominal skin was pulled and I began to feel pain. At that time, I finally consulted with my parents. It was the night I was staying at my mother's parents' house.

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