Recommended herbal tea for asthma patients

Recommended herbal tea for asthma patients
The autumn-winter season is especially prone to asthma attacks. I also want to be careful about physical condition management. By the way, this time, it is one of the products I recommend for decades of asthma patient history. The cause of asthma is a decrease in body temperature. Asthma attacks are more likely to occur if you sweat after exercising, causing your body temperature to drop, or if you stay in the cold outside air for a long time.
At such times, this warm herbal tea is perfect.
Please have herbal tea and warm your body from the core.
Considering that the bronchi are inflamed, asthma is better for relieving inflammation in the throat if you take warm herbal tea little by little, slowly and slowly.
I also recommend herbal tea, which I have been drinking for a long time.

Of course, we recommend that you use it in the following situations other than asthma attack measures.
Warm your cold body after returning home from school or work
Moisturize your sick throat with the dry outside air in winter.
Please use it to refresh your tired body.
Please use it for refreshing your body during work or after training, and for relaxing.

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