One-legged king

One-legged king
Do you know a soccer player who is called "the king of one leg"?
Do you know a soccer player who is also called "King of one leg", "Angel with broken wings", and "Magical youth"?
This soccer player is active in the People's Republic of China and is Mr. He Yiyi. This person is the same osteosarcoma survivor as me.
At the age of 12, osteosarcoma developed in the upper base of the left foot, resulting in amputation of the left foot. I had osteosarcoma at the base of my right foot when I was 10 years old, so it was close to Mr. He Yiyi.
He Yiyi was recognized for his talent for soccer from an early age, was scouted by a French team, and was injured at the base of his left foot while preparing to travel to France. I found out the onset of.
Onset just before the realization of a dream
Fateful mischief

Onset just before the realization of a dream
Fateful mischief

He Yiyi had surgery and had his left leg amputated.
As a soccer player, it is a fatal operation.
However, I couldn't stop crying when I saw Mr. He Yiyi.
He Yiyi, who lost his left leg, wants to play a soccer match with crutches.
He prefers a cane to a prosthesis. Even if I lose my left foot, I am very impressed with how I play my favorite soccer. However, he is not allowed to play in the amateur league, which seems to be due to playing on crutches, but he wants to play in the amateur league and continues to play soccer. increase.
He Yiyi has left such a word.
◼️ You should be positive about your life
◼️ Don't just shut yourself up and cry.
◼️ Only you can save yourself.
◼️ You should be able to make other people smile.
He Yiyi's words contain an important message for us. I feel very love. I'm thinking of making people happy by doing my best and showing my efforts to everyone around me, even though I should have lost my left leg and be in disappointment.
Although he couldn't enter the French professional league, he was convinced that he was the best soccer player in the world to tell people all over the world "what is happiness" by playing soccer.

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