Inescapable trials

Inescapable trials

At just 10 years old, I faced an inescapable test in this world.
It was like being in a very empty, very quiet, special space.
I was surrounded by a thin, transparent veil, and I could hear the voice of the outside world, but I didn't feel much wind. Somehow, I felt a lump of warm, warm air hitting my skin.
I remember feeling lighter.
By this time, I couldn't get the words that made me feel uncomfortable, but a while ago, I think I heard a lot of words that made my spirit uncomfortable. ..
Not long ago, my dad found a feature in my palmistry. I didn't have any knowledge of palmistry, but I was shocked by the features that appeared in my palmistry.
"The lifeline is broken"
I still vividly remember this time.
It was a shock.
I was shocked to see that my future was gone.
"Isn't God only aware of the future that hasn't come yet?"
Is it something that can be decided so easily?
I was disappointed that my future had been decided so easily that I could confirm it.

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