Physical and mental pain due to cancer

Physical and mental pain due to cancer

I was once asked which was more painful, physical pain or mental pain due to cancer.

I would like to share my thoughts as a cancer survivor.
I think the title, “Physical and mental pain caused by cancer,” is because I was a 10-year-old child when I developed cancer (osteosarcoma). “Pain in my heart” was definitely more painful.
Physically, the swelling of the lower abdomen was so severe that the abdomen swelled and the belt of the pants did not close. I did.
However, at that time, I was only 10 years old, and I think it was more painful for me to be shocked by the “big thing” that happened to me.
I don’t think all childhood cancer patients are the same, but the major illness that occurred at the time of a child with little life experience caused great damage to the child’s mind and to a small body. Must be.
With the progress of modern medicine, medicines that relieve physical pain have been made, but “heart pain” cannot be easily eliminated by medicine. Moreover, in the case of children, there is little life experience and little knowledge to enable understanding of incoming information, so it is a major factor that there is no way to eliminate this “heart pain” by oneself. Then, I think that the childhood cancer patient is in pain.

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