101 Ways to Fight Cancer NO2

101 Ways to Fight Cancer

I will spell out my 101 ways as a gun survivor.
[Getting help from the people around you]
Immediately after becoming a cancer survivor, anxiety and fear strike oneself. It is very unstable as it revives from a sudden trigger and then disappears again. That’s why the mind of the cancer survivor is in an unstable state.
It often makes me feel lonely and lonely, such as when I’m on a bed alone in a hospital room, when I’m walking down a hospital aisle, or when I’m eating.
In such a case, ask the people around you to help you.
That support is very important.
① I want you to talk to me
② I want to be filled with fun feelings
③ I want you to be with me
Please ask the people around you for help in various ways.
Doing so will calm your feelings a little and may help make your anxiety a little less noticeable.
When I developed childhood cancer, I was full of loneliness, and I still remember feeling very sad, crying and frightened in my room alone.

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