101 Ways to Fight Cancer NO3

101 Ways to Fight Cancer

[Don’t think too much]
It’s very difficult, but if you don’t think too much about it, it will be very painful.
If you think too much about it, I think you’re heading in the negative direction.
I was just depressed because I became a cancer survivor when I was a kid. At the age of a child, the number of places where he has experienced various trials, worries, and pains in his life is small, so his mentality for pains is weak.
It’s very difficult to “don’t think too much” because you don’t have much experience in controlling your own feelings.
But there is a secret to this.
The points are the following actions
⚪️Talk to people about the unpleasant feelings you were thinking in your own mind.
If you come up with something you don’t understand, you will eventually think about it.
Before that, ask the people around you to talk to you and talk to you.
Then, little by little, I don’t think you’ll be too worried about the moody feeling.

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