101 Ways to Fight Cancer NO4

101 Ways to Fight Cancer

[Don’t forget to interact with people]
When a serious or intractable illness develops, fear, fear, anxiety, sadness, etc. always accompany oneself.
If you are swept away by the waves, you will be overwhelmed by the waves of fear, fear, anxiety, and sadness, and your heart will be filled with fear, fear, anxiety, and sadness.
Only when you look around the people around you when you have a serious or incurable illness will you realize the warmth of the hearts of those who surround you.
At that time, I was a childhood cancer survivor, and there were very warm people around me, and that warmth saved me.
As in my example, even children can notice the warmth and appreciate its gratitude.
If you have a patient whose heart is likely to be dominated by fear, fear, anxiety, and sadness, please be aware of it.
And I want you to feel calm and fight intractable diseases.
I want patients, and especially those with childhood cancer, to know early that the support I had when I was a childhood cancer survivor at the time was the people around me.
For that reason, I wanted people to know the importance of interacting with the people around me.

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