What you need to do to get over cancer 101 NO5

What you need to do to get over cancer 101 NO5

[If you don’t understand, don’t worry alone, ask your doctor]

When you develop an incurable disease, start by familiarizing yourself with your physical condition.
There are various intractable diseases. Even with cancer, our knowledge is shallow and we may remember it with the wrong perception.
Ask an expert for the correct knowledge.
Ask your doctor about cancer. There are various types depending on the cancer, and it seems that there are various conditions depending on the medical condition of the cancer patient. Ask your doctor for accurate information.
Be careful not to recognize what you do not understand because it is wrong knowledge.
When I developed childhood cancer, I often didn’t know it, and I became more anxious in proportion to it.
In my case, as I proceeded with cancer treatment, I became closer to my doctor and nurses, and when I met him in the hospital room, I asked various questions and resolved my anxiety. I did.
What I didn’t understand, worried, and had a hard time was as clear as a lie.
I remember that the flow of treatment in the future and the current state of my body were particularly anxious.
However, in the case of pediatric cancer survivors, it may not be possible to resolve anxiety because they are not good at talking with adults and cannot hear what they want to hear.
Help parents of children who are childhood cancer survivors hear from their children about their anxieties and ask their doctor instead.
In that case, please give an explanation to the child who is a childhood cancer survivor.
The doctor in charge is more accurate than the parents in how to induce anxiety and explain the contents of the childhood cancer survivor’s child. It is important to provide such support for your child.

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