Surgery sentenced to amputation of right leg [my last heart]

Surgery sentenced to amputation of right leg [my last heart]

I will not give up.
Be sure to treat cancer

I didn't want to give up.
Affected area at the base of the right foot affected by cancer cells.
The cancer that I developed is called osteosarcoma, which is a type of cancer that develops in the bone, and it was a cancer with very few cases.
In the case of cancer that develops in the bone, it cannot be easily removed, so it was necessary to remove a wide area including the affected area.
The surgery was also a big one, and in my case I was preparing to amputate my right leg.
Immediately before heading to the operating room, I was changing into a surgical gown on the bed in the hospital room.
I still have my right foot.
However, it may be gone after surgery.
I was bullish a while ago, but suddenly anxiety and fear rushed from my chest. Goosebumps were transmitted from the right foot to the whole body, and the body became stiff.
The surgical assistant teacher came to pick me up in the hospital room.
"Let's go now"
I lay down on the bed to move to the operating room.
The bed to move to the operating room felt very stiff and cold.
At the same time as I felt the coldness, the words in my head passedor a moment.
"..." But I couldn't recognize the word clearly.
Then, in response to the words, I got up a little and suddenly looked into my right foot.
"I still have my right foot."
If you go to the operating room as it is, you may lose your right leg.
However, if I escape from this place from now on, my right foot will remain.
I didn't want to lose my right leg.
"I can't give up."
"Because I've only been using this foot for 10 years since I was born."
I endured tears and cried in my heart.
There were a lot of adults around me lying on the bed moving to the operating room, but no one would have noticed my feelings.
And the bed for moving to the operating room where I was placed was carried out of the hospital room.

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