Initial Symptoms of Osteosarcoma Q & A

Initial Symptoms of Osteosarcoma Q & A

I still vividly remember that time.
I will answer one question about the initial symptoms of osteosarcoma that developed in the summer of 10 years old.
If you have any concerns about your body, we recommend that you consult a doctor or other specialist at the hospital.
Q1 When did you notice your first symptoms?
A1 When the lower abdomen swells so much that the trouser zipper cannot be closed
Q2 Did you have any pain in your swollen lower abdomen?
A2 There was no pain in the lower abdomen
Q3 How long did you notice the swelling of the lower abdomen?
A3 It was about a week in a blink of an eye
Q4 What happened to your concern about the relationship with the onset?
A4 When I was practicing swimming diving in a physical education class or a sports club, I failed to dive and had a "belly hit (a state where I hit my stomach against the surface of the water)".
Q5 Did you have a stomachache when you jumped into the pool?
A5 When I hit my stomach against the surface of the water, the skin on my stomach hurt for a while.
Q6 What other events are you interested in?
A6 When I was practicing softball and volleyball, my legs became sore and I felt pain.
Q7 How long does it take to start swelling after feeling pain in the abdomen or muscles?
A7 I remember it was about 2 to 3 weeks
Q8 What other symptoms have occurred on your body?
A8 The dizziness of standing up has become worse (the frequency of dizziness has increased)
Q9 Did you have any abnormalities other than the lower abdomen?
A9 There was a bulge around the upper part of the back of the head of the head
Q10 What is the condition of the swelling of the back of the head?
A10 It was about the size of a lump, but it was soft (feeling that water had accumulated inside).

Q & A is still going on.
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