What to do before your child is notified of cancer ②

What to do before your child is notified of cancer

It is a story assuming a very heavy situation. But when we actually face this problem, we must accept the harsh reality as an inescapable fact.
What's more, if you are a child, you will have to face the harsh reality, and as a parent, you will be cut off.
What should we do if this situation actually occurs? Or how do we have to deal with it?
As a childhood cancer survivor, I will talk about what to do in this situation based on my experience.
I developed osteosarcoma when I was 10 years old.
The doctor in charge confirmed the approval of the amputation of the right leg, abandoned the surgery depending on the condition of metastasis, and explained about life expectancy.
During the explanation from my doctor, my mother who was crying, and the shock and sadness that I couldn't even talk about in a single word, and the very complicated emotions rushed in, and my heart was almost crushed.
In the case of childhood cancer, there are pros and cons as to whether or not to notify the child who has developed the cancer, and I think it is a case-by-case basis.
I  will talk about the pros and cons of this at some point.

◼️ What to do before your child is notified of cancer
② Please hug me every day.
Say "Gut" to your child and hug him strongly.
I somehow felt that I had some serious illness. I didn't know that it was cancer until I was informed, but I think I sometimes had an anxious look. My mother hugged me strongly.
When you hug me tightly, you feel very warm, protected, and loved.
If possible, hug your child every time you meet him.

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