Osteosarcoma Survivor Dancer story2

Osteosarcoma Survivor Dancer

I am a professional dancer. Believe it or not, I became a professional dancer about 20 years after the onset of osteosarcoma, despite the onset of osteosarcoma at the base of my right foot.
I developed osteosarcoma at the base of my right foot in the summer of 10 years old.
The doctor in charge was in a state where I expected a desperate result from my condition.
My doctor explained to me about amputation of my right leg and confirmed my consent.
Amputation of the right leg will have a huge impact on my future life.
If my right leg had been amputated at the time, my life experience now and now would have been quite different.
As a professional dancer, I made many friends through dance.
And I was able to enjoy my life through dancing.
By dancing the dance while feeling happy and having people see the dance, I was able to make the viewer happy.
My right foot is a miraculous right foot that was miraculously left behind with a one-millionth or one-millionth chance.
The director, the surgeon at the time, told me. "If the discovery was delayed for a few days, my right leg might have been severed.
Please use your right foot that was saved a lot from now on. 
This right foot is a friend of my life.
The right foot, which fought against cancer together and won the cancer, is a treasure for me.

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