A miracle that happened to me who was supposed to die

A miracle that happened to me who was supposed to die

I was sentenced to life expectancy in the summer of my third grade.
I still don't even understand the meaning of the words "life expectancy" and "declaration."
When I learned the meaning, it was "Life Expectancy Day".
[What I prepared to die]
People will surely panic when they are sentenced to life expectancy.
And by that time, you won't be ready to die.
Since I was in the third grade of elementary school, I would think "I can hardly do anything".
No, it wasn't.
Isn't it rather an adult who panics?
In my case, I was shocked by the explanation of the life expectancy sentence, but I remember that I didn't panic because my thoughts stopped after that.
Perhaps, in the case of a child, the defense function against a large impact is likely to work, and thinking may have stopped.
By the day of "surgery to determine fate," I had taken out and put the treasure in the drawer of my study desk out of the case.
When I think about it now, I may have been preparing to say goodbye to "the treasure."
[Mysterious things that happened before the life expectancy was declared]
Shortly before I was "declared my life expectancy," I was giving some of my precious treasures to my friends.
It was a very strange feeling.
I wanted to give a treasure to my friends in my school class, and when I realized I was giving out the treasure.
[Maybe the treasure gift was an unknowing apotropaic magic]
And I was able to miraculously overcome the intractable disease of [survival rate of several percent].
[My treasures saved my life]


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