Of people who have cancerGuidance for happiness④

Of people who have cancer
Guidance for happiness

When you develop cancer, you will be trapped in your own shell, and it will be easier for you to think negatively as follows.

① I don't think I can help anymore

② I have no future

③ Cancer may have spread to the whole body

If you have the above negative ideas, please switch your thinking as follows.
Then you will have a positive idea and your heart will be filled with happiness.

(1) My illness is not cured solely by relying on medical treatment technology.
"Disease" is cured by the power of medical treatment technology.
"Ki" is cured by one's own attitude.
"Illness" is 10% for "illness" and 90% for "ki"
If you control "Qi"
I'm sure it will help.

② Your future is up to you
The future will be brighter depending on your attitude.

③ Let's leave the invisible small cells to the innumerable cells in your body.
There are by far more healthy cells than diseased cells.
All you can do to help healthy cells exert their strength is to nourish and rest your body.
After that, healthy cells will do their best.

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