The love of others nearby

The love of others nearby

Immediately after graduating from junior high school, I lived away from my parents.
That’s what I chose.
I have had bronchitis asthma since I was three years old, and even when I graduated from junior high school, I had regular seizures.
Of course, living alone does not cure bronchitis asthma.
When you live alone away from your parents and have an asthma attack, you don’t have a reliable parent nearby.
How hard and delicate it is is so difficult for asthma patients that they can understand it without explanation.
But I had to make this choice of living alone.
It’s for independence.
A person cannot live alone. However, in the process of being born and dying, he is eventually alone.
I understood that.
I understood, but didn’t try to act.
I was very scared.
I didn’t have the courage.
I was afraid to lose my illness.
However, I strongly felt that it was no good as it was.
The swallow’s parent bird emerges from the eggs laid in the nest, and the chicks emerge and chew on the food carried by the parent bird with a large mouth open. Then, the feathers grow and one person takes off from the nest.
But it’s different from me.
No matter what happens, I’ll do it alone.
I decided to live alone.
My parents were very worried about my body.
My mother was about my diet and when I had an asthma attack.
My father was worried about my body.
I know. A dictionary of Kojien that is twice as thick as a phone book that my father bought for the first time. Make sure that the “sa” line is marked with a ballpoint pen. The word that my father marked was “asthma”. My dad was investigating my illness at a time when medical books for the general public were scarce.
I knew that I was worried about my parents.
That is why it makes sense to live alone, and I had to leave my parents’ home.
And while living alone, I learned the importance of living surrounded by the love of others nearby.

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