Q & A for Childhood Cancer Survivors
[About family]

Q & A for Childhood Cancer Survivors
[About family]

This is a Q & A about my family, who was 10 years old when I became a survivor of osteosarcoma.

Q1 What is the reaction of your family when you develop childhood cancer?
A1 Mother was crying at the announcement scene
Q2 What is your brother's reaction?
A2 I have a younger brother, but he was a newborn baby
Q3 Wasn't it difficult for your parents to take care of your newborn brother and you who developed childhood cancer?
A3 I think it was difficult because both children have to deal with it.
Q4 How did your parents treat you with childhood cancer?
A4 Occasionally, my father came to stay in the hospital room. My mother couldn't come to the hospital room very much because of her younger brother's childcare, but every day, one of my parents came to see me.
Q5 What kind of communication did you have when your parents came to see you?
A5 He accompanied me to the examination, ate meals together in the hospital room, and talked a little about my home, my neighborhood, my school friends, and so on.
Q6 Did you talk about things outside the hospital and didn't want to go out or go home?
A6 I didn't want to go home. When I wanted to go out, I was looking forward to taking a walk in the hospital garden when my parents came.
Q7 Why didn't you want to go home?
A7 I knew I couldn't go home. However, immediately after I was hospitalized, I saw my parents and younger brother returning home from the second floor of the hospital, and at that time I wanted to go home.
Q8 What did you think when you saw your parents and younger brother returning home?
A8 I had a strong feeling of loneliness. I felt like I was left in the hospital
Q9 Did you communicate with people other than your family at the hospital?
A9 I have a little conversation with patients who are hospitalized in other hospital rooms.
Q10 Is the child of the same age talking?
A10 I'm an adult. There were no children of the same age.
Q11 Do you think it would be easier to communicate if you had children of the same age?
A11 I think it would be nice to have children of the same age.



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