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Osteosarcoma Survivor Dancer

I am a professional dancer. Believe it or not, I became a professional dancer about 20 years after the onset of osteosarcoma, despite the onset of osteosarcoma at the base of my right foot.
I developed osteosarcoma at the base of my right foot in the summer of 10 years old.
The doctor in charge was in a state where I expected a desperate result from my condition.
My doctor explained to me about amputation of my right leg and confirmed my consent.
Amputation of the right leg will have a huge impact on my future life.
If my right leg had been amputated at the time, my life experience now and now would have been quite different.
As a professional dancer, I made many friends through dance.
And I was able to enjoy my life through dancing.
By dancing the dance while feeling happy and having people see the dance, I was able to make the viewer happy.
My right foot is a miraculous right foot that was miraculously left behind with a one-millionth or one-millionth chance.
This time, I will explain about the dance that I was doing professionally.
The dance I was active in was a creative dance called "YOSAKOI". This YOSAKOI originated from "Yosakoi Odori" in Kochi prefecture, Shikoku region, but later, "YOSAKOI Soran" was born in collaboration with Soran Bushi in Hokkaido. With that as a trigger, it became popular from all over Japan to overseas.
I longed for the powerful dance of YOSAKOI Soran dancers and became an opportunity to start dancing.
I think that the characteristic of YOSAKOI Soran's dance at that time was that there were many very intense and powerful choreography, but I had a longing for that figure, so I belonged to the team and created that powerful dance. I was in charge of a part of the production, but I really liked the choreography of the choreographer I admire.
As an osteosarcoma survivor, I'm still surprised that being able to perform such a fierce dance is a miracle.
I didn't tell my teammates that the cartilage at the base of my right foot was removed at the time of surgery. I don't know how much was left, but even after decades, I still feel a little uncomfortable when walking.
So when you're dancing, it can be very burdensome and painful.
However, I understand that this is also one of the challenges of being an osteosarcoma survivor dancer.

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