I got cancer, but now I can feel happy

I got cancer, but now I can feel happy

I developed osteosarcoma when I was only 10 years old, but I felt very happy.
The reason is, "I can be discharged someday."
I developed cancer at the age of 10, which is unfortunate for the healthy people around me.
But I don't think that way.
The unfortunate thing is that it makes the next thing feel happier, in other words, the essence of happiness.
Happiness is like a light that brightly illuminates the future.
Happiness lies beyond the compass-like rays that point in the direction you are heading.
In other words, if a happy thing happens, we will check the direction of the future, and if a difficult thing happens, we will think of it as something that will liven up the happy thing that will happen next.
Even if you develop cancer, change your mind and be happy.


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