Goodbye my right foot

Goodbye my right foot

I have osteosarcoma surgery today.

The cancer cells that developed at the base of my right foot proliferated at a tremendous speed, spread around the affected area, and metastasized.

My lower abdomen was abnormally swollen.

I had an ugly appearance both inside and out of my body.

That's why I'll do something with surgery.

My right foot is goodbye today.

Before the surgery, I was informed by my doctor.

"To save lives"
"To stay alive"
"Let's say goodbye to your right foot"
"Let's say goodbye to cancer"

From noon today, my turn for surgery will come.

I stood on the bed in the hospital room.

I stood firmly with my left and right feet. ]

[Still, my right foot is solid]
[Right foot, still usable]
[Goodbye to my right foot today]
[Goodbye to my right foot today]
[Thank you for your right foot until today]
[I should have worked harder]
【good bye】
I stood on the bed in the hospital room and changed into surgical clothes.

From the top of the bed in the hospital room, I could see the view outside the hospital room.

And I chanted it in my heart.

"Okay, I'm fighting cancer,
I'll definitely win. "

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